Thursday, August 14, 2008

Harvey Graveline, RIP

Mr. Harvey Graveline - story-teller, creator of fine cuisine, and connoisseur of good red wine - passed away earlier this week...

"From early 1980, Harvey Graveline worked closely with Fr. John F. Harvey O.S.F.S., Fr. Edwin F. O'Brien (now Archbishop of Baltimore), Fr. Benedict Groeschel and others, to set the foundation for the first Courage meeting on September 26, 1980. He was Fr. Harvey's "right hand man" in New York in the early years when Fr. Harvey was commuting from Washington. He worked tirelessly to sow and nurture the seed that has blossomed into COURAGE INTERNATIONAL INC."

For information on Harvey's wake and funeral, click here.

Click here for Harvey's obituary as recorded in The Republican.

Please keep Harvey's soul in your prayers. I pray he will soon be enjoying a fine feast in heaven! :)
God bless you, Harvey - I'm grateful you kept in touch over the years!

Painting by John Zaccheo

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