Tuesday, October 7, 2008


There's my two cents worth on tonight's presidential debate.

Yes, it was important to talk about the economy again - but the topics of war, energy, foreign policy, and health care were all covered in the last presidential debate. Do the moderators know or care that there are other issues too - like abortion, like "gay marriage", like immigration, etc.?

How can we possibly have had two presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate, and not once have had the topic of abortion raised??

I also wish that McCain had aggressively stated that much of the current economic difficulty has come about because of banks being pressured by the politically correct crowd to put affirmative-action ahead of credit-worthiness.

I'm not giving up hope for Senator McCain in November, so I'll keep praying.

I'm also setting my sights on a Palin-Jindal ticket for 2012! :)

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Anonymous said...

I was extremely disappointed in the dullness of the 2nd McCain/Obama debate. It was supposed to be a "town hall" type event, but it still had the same old media filter. I think Brokaw, or whoever, purposely chose questions that had already been hashed out and rehashed so that Obama would feel comfortable and the most difficult issues (including abortion) would be left out of the picture. If it had truly been an all-out town hall, with the issues that people really want to hear about, McCain would have come out way ahead. I think McCain was really short-changed. Obama got his nice comfy podium debate; McCain should have gotten the kind of town hall debate he's been wanting. It's such a sham. The media is so biased it makes me retch. I hope most of my fellow citizens are seeing right through it.

I too hope that McCain pulls through. I absolutely dread having Obama as president.