Monday, June 1, 2009

Scarborough Campus Revisited

I visited Scarborough Campus this past Sunday. There were a number of alumni at this reunion event, which included a barbecue, music, speeches, friendly people, games for kids, student-led tours and various University of Toronto memorabilia. It's not something I would normally be interested in, because I only knew a few people well when I was in University and I didn't think any of them would be attending this event; however, S. wanted to go, and I was a little curious to see the old campus. So off I went on Sunday afternoon. It turned out that S. and K. and their kids were indeed the only faces I recognized...

It was interesting to see what was the same, to see what had changed, and to remember old times. I always loved the valleys and trees that surrounded the campus - those are still there in abundance.

There have been a lot of additions, and some renovations. The library looks great - it's been reconstructed and it has a completely different layout now, with lots of computers. There's also a new Arts & Administration building right where the drive to the front of the buildings used to be. An extension has been added to the end of the Science wing, the Leigha Lee Browne theatre has been completely renovated, and the portables at the end of the Science wing have been removed. Instead, they've put a few portables right smack in the middle of the stretch of grass between the S-wing and the north residences. I'm glad that's a temporary measure because that area looks too crowded now. There's a new Management building south of the Humanities wing. It looks quite nice.

There are also a LOT more places to eat on campus now!

We walked floor by floor through the Humanities wing and remembered the offices and classrooms where our favourite Professors and courses used to be. The only nameplate I recognized from years gone by was Garry Leonard - I took his American Lit classes many years ago.

S. and I talked about Professor Jim Howard, one of our favourites, who passed away in 2007. We would like the University to honour his memory in some way. I have to think about that...

It would've been nice to see some of our other classmates from our English program there, but at least we're still in touch with some of them. There'll be other opportunities for us all to get together again.
(The photo above is from the University of Toronto Career Centre site.)

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