Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Shack, Michael Jackson, and other things

We finally got a copy of The Shack (by William Paul Young) from our local library! I've started reading it, and will write more about it later.

I haven't had any energy for blogging lately, even though there's so much I could've written about: the Sri Lankan protests in Toronto, the protests in Iran, the murder of poor Neda, various celebrities passing on...

Right now, I'm trying to be proactive in fighting against headaches, insomnia, and my tendency towards depression, by doing the following:

- daily exercise
- eating healthy food
- taking vitamin supplements
- going to bed earlier during the week
- cutting down on caffeine
- improving my spiritual life

I'm also grateful to good ol' Rush Limbaugh for smacking down those who claim to have absolute knowledge that Michael Jackson did bad things to children: Please read this and this.

For me, Michael peaked with his Off the Wall album, released in 1979. I also saw him and his brothers in concert in Toronto, in 1981 (I think). As someone who grew up listening to a lot of pop music, I really enjoyed Michael Jackson's musical talent in my earlier years. Jackson music was often playing in the background during fun times I had growing up. I could've done without the crotch-grabbing that he incorporated into his dancing in later years, and I felt sad about his excessive plastic surgeries - I often wondered if anyone close to him ever tried to say to him, "Hey Michael, this is a bad idea - don't do this!"

The news of his death was a shock - I took a while to write anything about it on my blog, because I was embarrassed to admit just how much pop music and pop culture had been part of my earlier life, but the truth is I am sad about Michael Jackson's death, and in many ways, I'm also sad about his life. Michael's passing also made me feel nostalgic about years gone by.

For the last few days, a number of folks have been upset that MJ's death is being given more news coverage than other important events. Others have even referred to MJ as "a pedophile" and "a sick predator". I was disappointed to see that some of the folks using these terms were conservatives. Then, I read what Rush had to say (see earlier links a few paragraphs up) and my faith was restored - the King of Conservatives did not let me down!

I pray Michael's soul is now singing and dancing in God's mercy and peace.

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