Sunday, August 29, 2010

Go Granny, Go!

Yesterday morning, we got my Nana a wheelchair - specifically a transport chair. My Nana can still walk and she prefers to walk, but because she moves very slowly and gets tired quickly, we thought a transport chair would be helpful (my Nana is almost 98!). It used to be slow and difficult walking Nana down the long hallway to the elevator and then walking her to the car in the underground garage -now, getting Nana to the car is a breeze! Yesterday, I wheeled her over to the park near our building. There she sat for a while on the bench, and then she walked around for a bit. Afterwards, I wheeled her home. She says she's comfortable in the chair, and it's quite easy for me to move her in it. I really enjoyed the convenience of it and I think even she preferred getting around with some ease for a change.

I'm glad Nana still wants to try to walk whenever possible, but I'm also glad that some of her movement has been made easier!

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