Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Great Save by CTV!

I'm probably one of the few Canadians on the planet who doesn't pay attention to the NHL, unless the Leafs make it to the playoffs, and even then I confess I'm still rather indifferent; nevertheless, I enjoy the enthusiasm of my die-hard, hockey fan friends, and have occasionally watched a play-off game on TV with them just for the fun of being around them at such times. I also grew up in a home where my father and his friends were big-time sports fans, and "The Hockey Theme" song was heard playing in our home, many an evening.

Thus, I was happy to read this morning that CTV saved "The Hockey Theme" song (which reminds me a little of the theme from Hawaii Five 0) from being forever lost. Last week, the CBC didn't renew their contract with the rights-holder of the song, and Canadians mourned the prospect of losing their "second national anthem". Fortunately, CTV stepped in and acquired the rights to the theme in perpetuity.

Accordingly, Canadian hockey fans will continue to hear the following tune when they gather round the T.V. set with beer and pretzels to follow their favourite sport. Update: the original video I posted is no longer available on YouTube, so I've replaced it with this one which shows how early in life some Canadians get excited about "The Hockey Theme" - LOL! :)

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