Tuesday, September 2, 2008

OHRC - The New Magisterium?

I'd like to say this is unbelievable, but given the way things are here in Canada, it's unfortunately quite believable.

According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), "doctors, as providers of services that are not religious in nature, must essentially 'check their personal views at the door' in providing medical care." [That's not even an opponent summing up the OHRC's position; it's an actual excerpt from the OHRC submission.]

Lorne Gunter responds: "The gall of such a statement is stunning. Abortion? Contraception? Fertility counselling for same-sex couples? How are those not services that are 'religious in nature'? Every one of the world's major religions has had views on these actions for hundreds of years."

Read Lorne Gunter's full article at the National Post (h/t Still Seraphic).

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