Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Relaxing Sunday

This afternoon I took my Grandma for a drive through parts of North York and down Avenue Road. I tuned the radio station to one of those vintage shows which played a variety of oldies; Bing Crosby, charleston, ragtime, etc. Nana enjoyed that. When the fall foliage is at its peak, I'm going to take her to High Park where we can go for a walk and enjoy the autumn colours!

I was thinking today that I'm grateful for how simple my life currently is. I'm 41 and I'm happily single. After years of part-time study, I've finally finished my courses and I'm almost debt-free. My employment situation gives me the convenience of working from home, and also travelling downtown. I'm enjoying living with my Mom and Grandma after being away for so many years. I have good friends and good health.

Truly, I have much to be thankful for! :)

Photo from: Royal_Rivers on Flickr


Anonymous said...

I want to help. There is a web address at the end of the video. Is that the site you would recommed to make a contribution?

Belloc said...

An e-mail address appears towards the end of this video:

It appears onscreen around 2:16.

You can send an e-mail there and inquire about the various ways to help the people of Orissa.