Saturday, November 15, 2008

Congratulations Seraphic Single & Benedict Ambrose!

The two are now engaged to be married, and I wish them both well! It's been fun reading Seraphic's site for the last 8 months. While looking through the archives on Dawn Eden's site in March, I found an article reprinted with Seraphic's permission. The article made a good impression on me, and I immediately became a daily reader of Seraphic's site. I always find her entries to be witty or smart or both.

I'm especially happy to hear Seraphic plans to continue blogging - she will now embark on a new blog entitled "Seraphic meets Bridezilla"! This should be fun... :)

Congratulations again, Seraphic and Benedict! May God bless you both, always!


benedictambrose said...

And God bless you too, Belloc, for your generous best wishes! Especially gratifying from another afficionado of one half of that great, grey double-eminence, the Chesterbelloc.

Please do pray for us too.

B(elloc) A(gogo)

Seraphic Single said...

Thank you, Belloc!