Thursday, March 5, 2009

St. Stephen, Pray for Us!

Sometimes you open up your mouth and just let the words come out.

Today, at my public speaking class, we had to give an impromptu talk. We were each given a topic and had only five minutes to prepare for it. I asked St. Stephen to intercede for me since he seemed particularly good at giving impromptu speeches - Ok, so St. Stephen was killed after he gave his powerful speech, but that was because he had the courage to speak the truth so boldly!

Unlike St. Stephen, no one tried to kill me, and I did not experience a theophany while speaking; however, I did find myself speaking pretty openly and I had plenty of experiences to draw upon - my topic was "trying to fit in at school." Actually, I found myself digging into some painful places from many years gone by to give my little two minute presentation, but I think I managed to present my topic both honestly and positively.

I'm really grateful to the instructors of this class for providing a course like this, and I'm also grateful to my very encouraging and supportive classmates. I must be sure to thank each one of them personally before this course ends!

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