Sunday, March 1, 2009

This & That

All is relatively well in my little corner of the world. Nana had a sore throat, but we cured it with some Strepcils. Yesterday, Mom got together with some old friends she used to work with, and they had a good time catching up. It's nice that Mom's starting to get out a bit more often!

Last night I met my favourite professor at the Al Green theater and we saw a couple of short films at the "Reel Artists Film Festival". I won't comment on the particular films we saw because they didn't really move me, but it's always nice spending time with Prof V. The pre- and post-film conversation was good! :)

This past week, I received the "Most Improved Speaker" award at my public speaking class. I was very grateful for the encouragement! I still have a tendency to wring my hands together when I speak, instead of keeping them at my side and only using them for gesturing. Anyway, we still have two more classes to go, and then the graduation dinner/ceremony.

Humble admission: I've decided not to do a low-carb diet for Lent. I did it for six days (starting on the Monday before Ash Wednesday) and I did lose three pounds; however, I was already in the acceptable weight range for my height even before I started doing it. I think what I'm more in need of is exercise, so my new commitment is to exercise three times a week, either by walking or going down to the fitness room in our building. I'm now thinking of this as more of a personal improvement commitment than a specific Lenten commitment.

A kind priest recently told me that according to St. Francis De Sales, the best Lenten sacrifice is to embrace more fully the crosses we've already been given...

In other news, the Conservative Political Action Convention (American) was held from Thursday through Saturday in Washington, D.C. It sounds like the participants had a great time - how could they not? Any event that brings together Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Zo - that has to be a good time! :)


carole said...

Of course you realize that fitness will require more than walking down to the fitness room! ; )

Belloc said...

LOL! You mean I'll have to actually DO something when I get there too? Sigh... Life is full of challenges! :)