Sunday, February 24, 2008


In keeping with the theme of my previous post, I've started taking steps towards reconnecting with people I haven't been in touch with for a number of years. When I finally track down someone through online phone directories, facebook, etc., I experience varying degrees of anxiety before I finally take the plunge and send the e-mail or make the phone call. After all, just because I'm in a place where I want to re-establish connections, it doesn't mean those I'm trying to reach will feel the same way...

Anyway, the first two of my renewed contacts have gone well, thank God. I'm waiting to hear back from another two. There are four others I still have to contact. And there's one I haven't been able to find yet.

This whole exercise is definitely playing on my fear of rejection - plus my recent trip to Montreal unwittingly and tangentially triggered some difficult memories and emotions from 13 years ago - oy vey! I had a lovely time while I was there last weekend, and my hostess and good friend was very thoughtful and gracious. I just remembered that the last time I went to see her in Montreal 13 years ago, I was seeking solace and escape from a difficulty I was going through. Going back there this time, I remembered that earlier chapter of my life.

Anyway, I'm offering it all up. I'd already been feeling like a slacker about not keeping up my Lenten promises, but I always get the feeling that since God knows I'm a slacker, He makes sure to send me a few little trials during Lent, just to keep me in the Spirit of things! :)

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