Thursday, February 21, 2008


Recent experiences of the death of my father (14 months ago) and of a friend (2 months ago) have heightened my awareness that you really don’t know when your last moment on earth will come. You can hope and plan to live a long life, but that may not end up being the case.

In my heart there are people with whom I hope to make peace before I leave this earth. There are some people I’ve been out of touch with for years, but when I think about them, I have the sense of unfinished business. With some there might’ve been a misunderstanding years ago. With others, it might’ve just been a difficult circumstance and it seemed best to not keep in touch at the time. I pray to be reconciled with the people in my life as much as possible before my time comes.

My father is in eternity now and I know God is looking after him. My relationship with my father also continues. I wasn’t able to talk to him about certain things while he was alive, but I talk to him about these things now (when I’m alone and it’s just me and God and Dad).

It may be that some of my relationships won’t be fully reconciled and restored in this life and some things will only be resolved in eternity, but I pray that, for my part, I will be open to it even now.

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