Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today's Meditation

Here are excerpts from today's Magnificat meditation, taken from The Book of Privy Counseling written in Middle English by an unknown mystic of the fourteenth century (same author as The Cloud of Unknowing):

My dear friend in God, go beyond your intellect's endless and involved investigations and worship the Lord your God with your whole being. Offer Him your very self in simple wholeness, all that you are and just as you are, without concentrating on any particular aspect of your being. In this way your attention will not be scattered nor your affection entangled, for this would spoil your singleness of heart and consequently your union with God...

It concludes with this prayer:

...That which I am and the way that I am with all my gifts of nature and grace You have given to me, O Lord, and You are all this. I offer it all to You, principally to praise You and to help my fellow Christians and myself.

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