Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Angels Listened In!

Today I was visiting Dawn Eden's weblog The Dawn Patrol and came across this cool machinima video by Charlemange Fezza. The song is The Angels Listened In by the Crests.

According to the site: "The Crests are best known for their hit 16 Candles. Their lead vocalist was Johnny Maestro and for a short time, Luther Vandross' older sister Patrica was a member of the group. This is a fictional story of Patrica appearing on TV with the guys."

Please click here to visit Charlemange's YouTube channel and see her other videos!


Charlemange said...

Thanks alot for posting my video!

Belloc said...

My pleasure, Charlemange - I really enjoyed your video and I hope you keep making them. Thanks for visiting my site! :)