Friday, January 25, 2008

A Hilarious Spoof by Jerry O'Connell

Yesterday, I came across Jerry O'Connell's very funny parody of a Tom Cruise video. Before you watch the video below, you HAVE to see the original video Jerry is spoofing. The original video of Tom Cruise is 9.5 minutes long, but it's worth watching to properly enjoy Jerry's much shorter parody. First CLICK HERE to see the original video of Tom on Then watch the video below. Please forgive me, Tom, but Jerry's spoof really is funny!


northern girl said...

This was so worth it! I have forwarded it to all my friends.

The scary thing is that Cruise is probably NOT on drugs - you heard about his talkshow tirade against Brooke Shields for taking drugs to combat her post-partum depression.

Jerry O'Connell is hilarious. I'd like to see any other comedy bits he's done if anyone knows of any.

northern girl said...

okay, I've shared these videos with twof riends, and everyone thinks they are mean! I thought they were hilarious (well, Tom's was scary.) But the parody - genius. So because these holy people found it mean, I reconsidered. That night as I said my prayers, I asked the Lord to forgive me for my glee at this man's expense, and I prayed for Tom Cruise. Then I started thinking about the parody again and started giggling! Lord, I said, you have to admit that was pretty funny! And He did.