Thursday, January 3, 2008

Put It In Writing!

The beginning of the new year seems like a good time to re-establish my goals - and I figure, maybe if I put them in writing where the whole world can read them, I'll try harder to reach those goals. On the other hand, there are probably a grand total of four people (including myself) who read this blog with any regularity... but the three of you are free to encourage me every now and then to stay on track! I'd be grateful for that!

Here they are:

- to complete my final paper for my final course, and write my comprehensive exams;
- to follow my diet and exercise regularly;
- to pay off my credit card debt

Thanks in advance for your prayers and encouragement! Please feel free to share your goals too, if you so desire!

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the Courage to change the things I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference.


Brooklyn Bridge said...

I like your blog. I especially laughed at the Seinfeld clip and I just loved the Charlie Brown Christmas clip.

I hope you also accomplish all your goals for the New Year!

Also, Peter R. was/is a great man. I'm sure he's gathered already with all the saints in heaven. He helped many people. He was a treasure. God help his wife and kids to go on here on earth without him.

Anonymous said...

Hello Belloc,

Well, you can make that five people, I will be reading it from time to time--thanks for inviting me to do so. :) I enjoyed your blog a lot. I liked the fireplace and the cup of coffee and all the coziness they call to mind. As for your goals, good for you! Let us know how it goes! For my resolution I decided to take a day a month (probably a Sunday) and have a quiet day alone with God and try to listen more, figure out what He is trying to teach me and how I am coming along in serving Him.

I still continue to feel very deeply about Peter R. even if I didn't know him at all. I am surprised it hit me so hard. I have thought a lot this past year about how we just don't know how much time we have left. This news only reinforced that conviction. So, a monthly day of self-examination seems like a better and better idea--plus a way to become refreshed and re-energized.

I got sidetracked into reading some of Fr. Lloyd's articles too. They are so full of wisdom! I enjoyed them!

Wishing you and the other readers on here (I bet I know at least some of you!) a happy and blessed new year!